Gross Weighing Auger Packer

Model C-1010

Fills multiwall  paper value bags with products ranging from fine powders to pelleted materials

ArcoPack C1010

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  • Packer ruggedly constructed of mild steel.

  • Auger designed for optimum delivery rate.

  • Spout sizes 3" (50 mm) to 6" (155 mm) valves can be accommodated.

  • Scale beam 20:1 ratio pivoted on inverted V-bearing blocks balanced on hardened knife edges.

  • "Set Weight" cut off controlled by signal generated by non-interfering- magnet and "Reed" switch.

  • Trim weight control adjustable by rotary hand wheel at front of bagger.

  • Completely wired electrical panel ready for single point hook-up to customer's fused power source. Voltage required is 600 V/ 3 ph / 60 Hz. Other voltages available.

  • Electrical enclosure (NEMA 12) dust tight containing starter, controls ready for single power source connection.

  • Manually operated bag clamp.

  • Tilting bag chair with adjustable height capability.

  • Auger drive twin V-belt from a 5 HP TEFC motor.

  • Auger assembly easily removable for maintenance or cleaning.

  • Packing gland easily adjustable to prevent leakage around auger shaft.

  • Belt Guard over auger and agitator drive belts.


  • Performance is highly dependent on material flow characteristics, material feeding arrangements, valve bag size, spout size and machine operator.


  • A single machine can typically fill and weigh up to 5 BPM. Higher outputs/man-hour can be obtained with multiple spout installations.


  • Accuracy tests performed on a well maintained machine, proper bag size, constant material head, will typically produce results of +100 g @ 2 sigma of the set minimum weight of 10 kg.


  • Customer's material is supplied to the bagger from customer's supply bin or from an agitating feed hopper.

  • Arcopak's multiwall paper or plastic bag is placed on the filling spout and the manual bag clamp is set.

  • The operator depresses the "start" button. The auger start and augers material horizontally through the filling spout and into multiwall paper bag.

  • When the "Set Weight" is reached, the scale beam moves, generating an electrical signal which stops the forward flow. The auger then automatically reverses to clear the filling spout.

  • The bag is unclamped and manually removed. The cycle is repeated when another bag is placed on the spout.


  • Air Operated Bag Clamp

  • Automatic Cycle "Start" Switch

  • Explosion Proof Electrical Protection

  • Stainless Steel Contact Platework

  • Vee Hopper

  • Open mouth attachment

  • Agitating Feed Hopper

  • Bag Settler

  • Caster Assembly

  • Dust Hood

  • Drum filling attachment

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