Gross Weighing Auger Bagger

Model AP-30 - Open Mouth System

Fill open mouth multiwall and plastic bags with fine powders and "sticky" high fat content materials

Shown with optional


  • Stainless Steel contact plate work and mild steel frame.

  • Agitator Hopper Assembly.

  • Horizontal Auger designed for smooth and even material delivery into spout and bag with easy removable features for cleaning purposes.

  • Vertical Auger breaks up material insuring lump free filling and consistent accuracy.


  • Explosion Proof Electrical Protection

  • Bag Pusher

  • Caster Assembly

  • Special Paint

  • Settler Mechanism

  • Box filling attachment

Performance is highly dependent on material flow characteristics, material feeding arrangements, bag size and machine operator.

PRODUCTION RATE - A Single machine can typically fill up to 8 BPM. Higher outputs/man-hour can be obtained with multiple installations.

ACCURACY -Accuracy tests performed on a well maintained machine, proper bag size, constant material head, will typically produce results of +50gm @ 2 sigma of the set minimum weight of 5 kg.

  • Weighing Mechanism is a single point load cell based scale system, digital weight indicator, key pad weight entry, two speed bulk and dribble feed product feed control.

  • Trim Weight is automatically adjusted by the digital weight indicator and weight compensation cycle.

  • Power supply 600 v / 3 ph / 60 Hz.
    Other voltages are available.

  • Spout and Vertical Barrel easily removed for quick and efficient cleaning.

  • Drive Motors are 5 HP and 1 HP TEFC.

  • Electrical Panel completely wired and ready for single point hook-up to a fused power supply.

  • Duck Bill style bag holder for ease of bag placement, air operated.


  • Customer's material is supplied to the agitating hopper from bin, screw feeder or vibrating feeder.

  • The open mouth bag is placed by the operator on filling spout and clamped automatically.

  • Bag placement automatically starts the two stage fill cycle.

  • After the predetermined bulk cycle has been completed, the slow speed dribble cycle begins cutting off automatically at target weight.

  • The filled bag is released to the closing conveyor. Where the optional bag settler is integrated, the bag is lowered clear of the fill spout and pushed automatically onto the closing conveyor.

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